Thursday, April 26

A Change of Pace

A change of pace for this blog is in order. For starters, writing more than once every few months may be a good idea. If I remember correctly this thing was supposed to chronicle my academic pursuits but has mainly been a mix of rubbish and periodic pic-me-up types of things. That's all well and good, it is my blog, but I think I will mix things up a little and begin using this as a training diary and incorporate my academics as they progress. If you were wondering they have progressed very little in the past few months, anyway. Training on the other hand has been about the same unfortunately. I will be running the Country Music Half-marathon this weekend and it should be a blast. Being a bit under trained worries me though. The last few weeks have been very hectic with moving and traveling taking up most of my available time instead of training and focus. I am coming around though. I've set some ambitious goals for May and expect to complete them and run a couple of 5K's and 10K's toward the end of the month and the beginning of June. I am also contemplating a triathlon in September depending on how my riding and swimming skills improve. A triathlon would be an excellent way to maintain my stamina and weight through the winter and keep my enthusiasm up for the summer running season. Another idea is to train for a warm weather marathon in our winter season. No decisions have been made so more to come on that topic.

Work hasn't changed all that much. Finally returned to the truck after traveling for two weeks to a conference in LA. It was a blast and I learned a lot but it was to long. I missed my wife and dogs and even work to some extent. It did give me a recharge that hopefully will last until I return to school in January. By the way, the next few months will be hell because we are still selling our home and renting at the same time. I also will be working way to many hours at my various jobs but it will be worth it. Melissa and I will be out of debt by January and I will return to school to pursue my real passion. It will not be easy though but nothing in life that is good comes easily.

I have rambled on without any cohesiveness as I normally do. More to come later because I feel a surge of writing and correct living upon me. Good Day.