Wednesday, January 28

The Guy From Boston

The truth about global warming. What a winner.

Tuesday, January 20

Where Have I Been?

It's been quite a while since I have felt compelled to write anything related to this blog. The urge to blog seems to come and go for no obvious reason. Now that my wife and I have finally made our move from the Deep South to New England, of all places, I feel that I can write again. The last few months have been very difficult. Given the stress of moving, applying for a job, applying for school and trying to understand what everyone is saying here has been very stressful to say the least. I've gone to the edge of sanity and feel that I may never return to normal. I'm back in the field, urban EMS this time, and it's fun but busy as hell and the turd factor is through the roof. Anyway, I hope to share many stories from now on and maybe I can hold it together.