Thursday, August 13

The Medic Has Returned

After several several months off from blogging about the day to day silliness of pre-hospital care and my journey to apply to medical school I am ready to return. For some reason I feel the need to write about my journey as well as about the idiots I current encounter.

For starters I should update the 2 readers I still have. I've moved from the deep south to New England. That in itself is huge change and one of the reasons I decided to table the blog. I've been "up here" for about 8 months and have continued to work as a paramedic. I'm beginning my last stretch of undergrad classes in a month or so and plan to apply to medical school in a year or two or maybe three. However long it takes I still plan to do it.

That's where I am and where I plan to go. This blog on the other hand will probably be a bunch of bull shit as before but oh well, enjoy.