Tuesday, April 28



I'm Parmeddan and I have been searching for myself for as long as I can remember. Many of you who are reading this blog have searched just the same. I'm tired, fed-up, disgusted, overwhelmed and sick of being what I consider mediocre. I've battled addictions to nicotine and alcohol since I was a teenager. I have been broken down by the negative thoughts of self-pity that have controlled my life until now. Over the next 80 or so days I will record my eating habits, sleep schedule, photos, feelings and mental attitude so that I can show the world that I, Parameddan, can overcome obesity, self-loathing, sleep deprivation and most importantly mediocrity to the world. Welcome to my new blog, my new self and Parameddan as a winner and not just another Paramedic who thinks they can't go above the perception of those around them!

Monday, April 27

My Challenge

Ok, I've made the move.