Saturday, September 15

A Great Time To Remember

It's cooler outside these days. I walked down the few concrete steps outside of my domicile this morning and was refreshed by a cool earthy fall breeze. It made my early morning journey much better even though I would have much rather been upstairs with my wife who was probably falling back to sleep with our two muts filling my absence with fur.

Each step I took I felt better about the days ahead but I couldn't help but think about days past. It's funny how the weather brings back memories. I reminisced about walking across a long field at daylight to sit in a tree stand and about stepping into a cold river at the beginning of a cathartic day of fishing. I do miss those days when the fall brought expectations of long evenings shooting the breeze with friends after being outside all day swinging a hammer and listening to country music. Not that I would trade them, I am happy now, but nostalgia overcomes me periodically especially this time of year. I've missed the crispness of the air and the crunch of fallen leaves.

It's so been so hot and stifling over the past couple of months I had almost forgotten that fall was around the corner. I've been caught up in the everyday business of living that I haven't taken the time to just stop and absorb what makes life so wonderful.

I finally arrived at my car and set down to start the engine. It whined a little and sputtered but, as it has for a while now, performed without fault as I drove from the parking lot. I rolled down the windows and let the wind fill the cab with yet another opportunity to remember the past.

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Friday, September 14

It's Been A While

My blogging has suffered over the past few weeks. My personal, off-line, journal and my workout running biking whatever journal has also been neglected. I have had some interesting experiences on the front lines of emergency medicine but I haven't been compelled to write about them. I feel as if I am in a slump of some sort. It seems to be like quicksand or a flushing toilet. The longer I remain in the slump the deeper and more consuming it becomes. I am sure every person experiences this from time to time.

I just watched President Bush give his speech on Iraq. It was actually a compelling speech and most of it was probably true. It is a shame we live in a world that settles conflict with guns and bombs. I wonder where this behavior originated. Do you think the Geico cavemen duked it out over who got the biggest bone?

They probably did.

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