Friday, September 14

It's Been A While

My blogging has suffered over the past few weeks. My personal, off-line, journal and my workout running biking whatever journal has also been neglected. I have had some interesting experiences on the front lines of emergency medicine but I haven't been compelled to write about them. I feel as if I am in a slump of some sort. It seems to be like quicksand or a flushing toilet. The longer I remain in the slump the deeper and more consuming it becomes. I am sure every person experiences this from time to time.

I just watched President Bush give his speech on Iraq. It was actually a compelling speech and most of it was probably true. It is a shame we live in a world that settles conflict with guns and bombs. I wonder where this behavior originated. Do you think the Geico cavemen duked it out over who got the biggest bone?

They probably did.

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