Friday, July 7

Intro to my blog

Careful, that medication could cause very severe reactions in certain populations or man you can't just perform a Rapid Sequence Induction without more than one medic with you. Hell, in the ER there are 4 nurses, six doctors and a who knows how many respiratory therapists who can "assist" in the event that something goes wrong.

Anyway, I am fairly content with my current employment. It's somewhat different for me. The ED has offered many chances to learn, but for the remainder of our time in Nashville I think I would much rather ride around on an ambulance and make a decision once in a while. If I do in fact make it on a truck it will be bitter-sweet because we may only be here for a couple more years. Then it will be time to pick up and move somewhere where my wife can further her education and I can begin my long and drudging quest through school and a futile attempt at medical school. I'll be an old fart but ..hey I would rather be an old fart MD than just an old fart Paramedic. At least that's my plan and it sounds good on paper.

Other than that I plan on ranting about past patients and trashing co-workers, anonimously of course ,and venting periodically. Enjoy.

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