Tuesday, November 28


Over the past month I have regained my focus on my future and put into motion things that will help me achieve my goals. It's exciting to think that in nine of ten months we will be making a decision on where we will be moving. I have enjoyed the area we live in now but I look forward to another fresh start somewhere else. Every day is another opportunity to excel and make the right decisions. Currently, I am sitting at a coffee house drinking green tea trying to delay my house cleaning duties. It's my last day off and I still have to get many things together so tommorow's shift will be a smooth as possible. Anyway, I sit down to type this blog out and my mind goes blank. I type things that do not have any substance or meaning. Oh well, good thing this my personal blog and I really don't give a crap. Well I do but I just don't know what to write at times. Oh well...

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