Saturday, July 7

Blogsphere Sample

Not much going on today so I thought I would amass some samples from various blogs, so here goes.

  • Creating the God Complex answers some questions from his readers on his installment of Questionable Admit.
  • The Surgeonsblog, which happens to be one of my favorites, crawls onto a large box of soap and delves into health care reform on More Solutions, Long Post
  • For a little airier read check out Sara in Israel. She's tackling some interesting things from the viewpoint of a helicopter and it does sound like Sometimes, its cool to be me.
  • Midwife With A Knife conjures up some OB wisdom on a regular basis. A New Approach to Call affords a sneak peek into the dreaded delivery room and beyond.
  • P4P, the new buzz term. You'll just have to read it.
Ok, that's enough for now.

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