Monday, January 1

It's 2007

Odd, it really doesn't feel different. I have been thinking for several days on the most important changes I can make in my life during this very important year not in order of importance. I would like to get in the best shape of my life, get out of debt, love my wife more and more everyday, read many rich books, learn a different language and continue to improve my guitar playing. That's it only a few things to improve on. I can do it, I know I can. It is really simple, make the correct decisions and don't allow myself to slide. I read on a triathlon web page about how they fight what they call the "wobbles." Once you recognize yourself sliding away from your intended path whether it is nutrition, training or just lack of motivation you should set a three day goal and stick to it. It works, let me tell you. Generally speaking three days of discipline and attachment to a goal can turn around some of the worst wobbles. On another subject. This new blogger is pretty impressive. I am not sure if the spell check is coming from my firefox browser or my computer but I know everyone (one reader/writer) will be very thankful. Until next time.

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