Wednesday, June 20

A White Bowl

"I seem a small table with a white bowl and I was so afraid"

My grandmother told me. I new she was talking about a recent surgery she had to endure for oral cancer but I did not have a clue what she was referring to.

She began to cry as she explained, "I heard something that sounded like a horse trotting toward me and it kept getting louder and louder but I knew if I could just get my hands into the white bowl then I would be safe."

She continued to cry as my aunt explained that during her stay in the ICU granny's "heart went bad and all of the white coats came in."

Granny was very close to death that night and suddenly I realized she was explaining to me what she experienced during that time. How fragile is life and how enduring is death when our mind continues even when our bodies have given up.

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