Tuesday, September 1

Here I am

At the last minute I finagled a way with the help of my schools financial aid department and my gracious father-in-law to attend my first choice college. Wow, so here I sit in the library blogging about what will be an exciting and adventurous two years or so. I plan on learning all I can and being as involved as I can be. I will continue to work full-time on the meat wagon for now but may reevaluate for the next semester.

It's exciting but I'm feeling a little out of place. Probably much like the rest or the new people here. I'm older and a transfer student which has some disadvantages unfortunately. I've felt left out of much of the welcome week activities which is a bummer. This is partly my own fault though, as I have not been on campus following the crowds around to each session. The college could have done a better job at arranging transfer/commuter student activities during the welcome week though. I've found nothing specific about this online or in the school.

Regardless, I am excited as hell to be here and I plan on making my mark and doing great things. Here's to a completely new phase of my life!!

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