Monday, September 28

It's not as easy as I thought

I've always been a good student as least I thought I was. I've jumped in a little over my head this semester though and it's been a struggle to get enough air to see where I need to go from here. I'm putting a shit load of pressure on myself and it's really making me very stressed. I've officially bombed a couple of huge test so far and I'm trying to think about this in terms of "leaving myself room to improve." Not only am I learning new material but I'm learning how to learn again and it's not as easy as I remember. I can't just look over a piece of information now and have it in my brain. I have to go over and over and over the material until I feel comfortable and then I doubt myself afterwords and jeopardize everything that I have learned. I'm going to move past the negative and ace the rest of this semester. It's an uphill battle with everything I have going on but I will make it happen I must. (there I go again putting too much pressure ton myself damn it)

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