Friday, May 11

Bored again

It's not such a bad thing to be bored at work. If I am bored then no one is experiencing an emergency. However, when I am bored I not only eat everything I also think way to much about things like the future and school and mostly debt. I am not sure I have covered my debt situation on this blog and I guess now is a good a time as any. Since my wife and I got married four years ago at the end of this month we have accumulated a huge amount of consumer debt. In case you didn't know my wife is a graduate student. She actually makes pretty good money but we haven't been the best stewards of the money we make and this has gotten us into a situation that many people are all to familiar with. It's like a restraint on everything we try to do. I can't continue my education until we are out of debt. Originally our plan was for me to go on to school after she finished and that is now compromised because of the way we have abused credit cards. It's not all bad because we are going down the write path, albeit late, to get out of debt. Putting our home up for sale is the first very large step in that process. If we can make enough from the sale then our situation will dramatically improve. If not, well lets just say I will be working many more 48 hour shifts over the next few months. As it stands now I will have three days off over for the rest of this month. I think going to school and studying three or our hours a day will be a breeze compared to what I am doing now.

Typical boredom. Here I go pondering over how bad things are and not focusing on the good. Hey, at least I am healthy enough to work three jobs. At least three different employers will allow me to work. We will dig out of this hole I am sure of it and when we do it will be most rewarding.

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