Sunday, May 6


I ate six krystal’s with cheese today and a few French fries, well, one regular order of French fries. I washed that down with some Coke, the real deal, not diet. It was so good but so bad. What’s not good about a dinner role, piece of “meat”, pickle, mustard and a big piece of cheese? I don’t want to think about how unhealthy it was because every once in a while a little bad eating keeps everyone motivated. Anyway, my training is going well. I have added swimming and biking to my 20 or so miles of running a week so that I can complete a triathlon early next year. Interestingly enough I have been much more hungry over this past week. I will need to be more mindful of my caloric intake until my training levels out.

That’s enough about training. Work so far today has been moderately busy. One call in particular sticks out in my mind. This morning just as I was getting out of my car at the Fire hall the tones go off. Apparently someone wrecked in a curve just a quarter mile below the hall. No one likes to get a call at shift change and for this reason I try to get to work about 30 minutes before my shift begins. Luckily, this morning wasn’t any different. I ran in and signed for the narcotics very quickly without counting them, which is against all narcotic protocols that we have. My partner drove up as we were pulling out of the station so we were able to relieve the crew that had been on for 24 hours. As we leave the hall we could see the accident down a small hill in a sharp curve. This is a normal place for accidents when it rains as it did this morning. When we arrived, just as the engine, one woman was sitting in her car that was slid off of the road with no damage. I approached the car and asked if she was ok and she looked at me with a very blank stare and said “no habla English.” I was able to find out that she wasn’t hurt and assisted her out of the ditch into the back of our ambulance. Luckily, one of the PD officers could speak fluid Spanish and helped us out. It turns out that she was driving her sons car and the only ID she had was a voter registration from Mexico. The funny part of the story was when the officer asked her what her address was. She pulled a Chik-fil-a pay stub from her pocket, which had her name on it and someone else’s SSN. After she signed our paperwork the officer took her and more than likely took her to jail and began deportation. Luckily no one was hurt and she did not do any damage to the vehicle. After thinking about this call I wondered how I would feel if I was out of the US with my mother and she had an accident and was hauled off to jail without notifying. That must have been very scary for her.  It only brings the current changes to immigration into my life more than I would like it. Now I really disagree with hauling off someone without any regard to his or her situation. Yes, she was an illegal alien but she is still a person. Unfortunately we as Americans are more concerned with the dollar sign that is expended on this person than why they are in the US or what their life is like at home. If I knew I could double or triple my income by just crossing a border and working so that my family life could improve I would do it in a heartbeat. Can you say visiting worker program?

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