Wednesday, May 23

Yet Another Day

Although I do appreciate that I am healthy and have the ability to be a productive citizen of this great US of A, I am getting a little distraught at the fact that it feels like I am never making headway. Being riddled with debt and in the middle of selling a home just aggravates this fact. I know that my wife and I will make it past this bump in the road in time but how much longer do I have to wait to pursue my interest? I can’t help but ponder that question. It may be the self-centered side of my personality shining through or just a bit of momentary disgust at our current situation.

I am sure it’s only a brief thought because all in all I am a happy person. I just have this nagging drive that continually tells me to drop everything and go back to school now so that I can apply to medical school sooner. I wish I could do that but until our finances are secure I can’t and this depends greatly on my spouse’s graduation date. Unfortunately, this date is elusive.

You see, in the sciences, graduate education is very dynamic. Many factors influence when you earn your three letters instead of the completion of classes or a set amount off training. This is yet another reason for me to pursue medicine instead of a graduate degree in science.

However, I do have a keen interest in History and plan on learning more and more about it as my studies progress. My ideal degree would be a history major, biochemistry minor with graduate work in public health and of course a medical degree. I think that would spring board me into my passion of humanitarian and maybe even academic medicine.

Although idealistic as it sounds, I fully expect to reach these goals and the only way I can reach them is by putting in the grunt work now. -Current pain for future gain- I hate (well not really) it but it is how it is and there is nothing I can do about it. Every one else has put in the time and now it is my turn. I just have to continue to remind myself of this great truth.

Which brings to my reason for this blog entry. As my description explains I do work in other places when hungry… i.e. broke and in debt. Now is one of those times and yes I have returned to one of my prior employers for part time work. I actually managed a portion of the laboratory during my time there. As you can imagine it is a little odd for me to return to find that some of the individuals that I assisted in hiring are now running the show; however, it hasn’t been so bad. I was able to fit in doing a job I am very comfortable with, which is very good for part time work.

So yet another job to add to my duties over the course of this year. Just for an update, this week I will tally 82 hours in the next five days. That’s an average of 16.5 hours per day.

Thank goodness I was able to ride my mountain bike this Sunday.

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