Thursday, May 3

My Motivation

Once again I sit in front of my computer writing about what I should be doing. I am sure that if I write more and think more then more things will be accomplished? Right? No really, I am the type of person who has to plan each and every thing that I do. My wife and I are moving this weekend and I should be packing things up and cleaning around the house. My schedule is far less restricting so I should be shouldering the majority of the burden of this move. I know this and still I can't get past the lack of motivation. So what do I do? I sit at my desk and create a list of things that I must get done and attach a certain time schedule to it. Usually this is all I need to do because the list becomes my goal and I have something to work toward that is planned. Maybe I am over thinking this issue and should stop typing and get to work. Yea, I think that's it.

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emaj1n said...

Get to work! :)

Thanks for the comment. I'll make a point to check yours out, too.