Wednesday, May 2

Holy shit

Let me tell you about someone I work with. I know, not such a good idea to openly bash coworkers on the internet but who cares? This guy is such an ass for the most part. First of all he constantly has to say something to someone in order to appear in charge. No matter what type of situation we are in he just can't keep his fucking mouth shut even when he has no idea what he is talking about and more often than not he has no clue what is going on. For instance, his level of medical training is mediocre at best- first responder like- but he has been in prehospital care for probably fifteen years or so. That in itself throws up red flags in my mind because who does that for fifteen years? When we arrive onscene of an emergency he continually rushes into the house and begins speaking to the patient and the family as if he has any idea of what is going on. Anyway, this is a bitch post with lots of profanity. He really isn't that bad of guy he just has an enormous chip on his shoulder. It's as if he needs everyone to know that he knows more than he should if that makes sense. Generally, he means well but it almost always pisses my off when he starts running his mouth about rules and treatment and how long he has been in EMS. Who cares big guy? I am glad I am a tolerant individual with a blog to vent. Otherwise, I would probably go completely Ya-Ya on this guy. You know what's funny? Most of the time we get along really well and I regard him as one of my best friends. Crazy how that works?

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