Thursday, May 10


After drinking a little to much last night I finally settled down to sleep about ten or so. I don’t understand alcohol but it is a vice that I have difficulty with at times. My biggest concern today was the fact that this morning I could still taste the wine I drank last night. That’s alarming especially when I am beginning a very long shift this morning. I am certainly going to pay for last night as these days progress. I guess that is my punishment for a lack of self-control. Well, I shouldn’t drink again for a while because it slows me down and I can’t be slowed down. I’ve to many goals and plans to take care of and alcohol doesn’t fit. I have been a social drinker for a while but have never been a big partier. For the most part I haven’t overdone my alcohol consumption but this morning when I could taste wine I couldn’t help to think that I my performance at work may be affected. I only drank two beers and two glasses of wine starting at six in the evening and ending around 8:30. Theoretically I should have metabolized all of the alcohol by at least 11PM and I don’t feel like I am hung over. Maybe it was just the type of wine I drank or the fact that I mixed it. Ugh, that was probably it. Well, in my normal fashion I am over analyzing this. You know, I quit drinking altogether for about 7 months until I went to Baton Rouge for a conference about a month ago and since then I have drank it up. Yea, it’s time to quit again. It’s time for another nap as I wait for the next emergency to occur. (Hopefully it won’t).

Once again I find myself writing a little and thinking about what I have accomplished today. Nothing, well something, money was made. Other than that I didn’t work toward any future goals. With that said, I need to begin either studying or working out more during my shifts. Both would be even better. Study Spanish or Chemistry or any other subject even literature would be OK. So, what will it be? Obviously I have no clue especially tonight. Stream of thought writing may not be easy to read but it does clear the mind some anyway. Stop changing the damn channel. I am sitting here with my partner, the same one that I wrote about the other day, and he has the remote. In the last hour he has probably changed the TV channel one hundred times. I am going to go through the roof. He does drive me insane sometimes.

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